Monday, January 17, 2011

Scarborough Town Centre

So it's definitely no secret that the economy was hit hard but to be completely honest. I haven't really noticed until today when I was walking around the Scarborough Town Centre.

Stores left and right are closing down like crazy and sales are in full swing. You would think most stores would be packed right? wrong! Most stores were completely empty or only had people window shopping.

Afterward, I drove over to the Michael's No Frills on Silverstar Blvd. to check out the 1 dollar deals. It was like I had walked into the 30's, everyone scouring and pulling for the last dollar deal. I guess everyone is stocking up for the cold months ahead.

I shoulda probably taken a few pictures to prove it but neh I'm heading back to those places tmr so may be i'll rmb to whip out my phone.


  1. yea, economy is pretty rough. i'm havin trouble findin a job these past 5-6 months. i'm following and clicking, hope you do the same :D peace bro

  2. nice blog! Good stuff!

    clicked & followed... hit me back