Friday, January 21, 2011

Internet Tips & Tricks - Canadian Brahs

So I had quite a bit people sending me private messages asking about more information on the Swagbucks thing and also whether or not I had any other "search for pay" things that I used.

This is next one is for you canadian brah's.

I present to you, the Airmiles search toolbar which could be found and downloaded here:

It's pretty simple. It'll add it's own search toolbar to the bottom left side of your browser taking up it's on column. It'll log in everytime you use their search engine and give you 10 airmiles for every 50 searches up to 30 airmiles (300 searches) and it'll reset at the end of the month.

It'll also help you log into your airmiles account whenever you shop at a site that offers airmiles bonuses. So you can easily earn while you shop.

Now most of you might think it's a bit of work for only 30 airmiles but if you really think about it. You're just doing what you normally do and getting rewarded for it. If you were to go out and buy stuff you would need to spend (usually) 20 bucks for 1 airmile. So theoretically you're getting 600 dollars worth of airmiles if you make 300 searches in a month.


  1. Nice blog brah...I'm a fellow Markham kid. Def going to be using this toolbar.

    Hit me back, I'm actually getting into this blog thing lol

  2. Cool trick brah! Followed and supported :)

  3. nice brah
    check out my new 4runner blog