Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Internet Tips & Tricks

So since my last post was an utter fail (deleted since then). I've decided to come up with another way to help my fellow readers and friends.

Today I bring you.... SWAGBUCKS!

It's a pay for search site which rewards you for using their search engine (powered by yahoo). Now it isn't as awesome as it seems but i still feel that it's one of those things you should have if you browse the internet a lot.

How it works is, you search using that site or it's toolbar (google swagbucks toolbar) and it randomly awards you with swag dollars that look like this:

Once you've collected enough you can go to the swag store and purchase things (Amazon gift cards or if you want to save you can buy a ps3). It's pretty simple and easy to use.

The best part is that they usually have daily swag codes that you can enter into the main swagbucks page to give you extra bonus cash.

Hopefully more people jump on and use me as a referral =).

By using me as a referral we'll end up helping each other.

-get swag bucks
-earn "swag dollars"
-redeem awesome prizes
-use me as a referral for extra cash


  1. very cool tips man. nice blog.

  2. try it out guys. I've been using the search tool for about a year and I've gotten about 100 dollars worth of gift cards at amazon.

    it's not much but honestly, you're not doing much to get it lol. they also have "swag codes" and I can link you to a forum thread that gives you tips and hints to those codes

  3. That's sick, never heard of this. I may just sign up. I'll refer you if I do.