Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm hoping this one helps out a couple of people who want to make sports a bit more exciting to watch.

So I was originally going to pull off a douche move and only give the direct link to those who "helped" out my blog but I figure that was too much work and definitely a homosects move. So instead I'm going to go full out and tell you what I know about the site and hopefully some of you will use me as a referral.


To be honest, I'm pretty new to the site (signed up last night) and don't know too much about it.

But the gist of it is. You sign up and they give you a crazy small amount i think it's 10 cents. Whatever it's free.

You go around betting and stuff and ads pop up which kind of sucks but hey if you're making free money it's worth it. The ad money they make they give back to you so your able to bet again very much like how you click things on my blog (hint hint) and you pay them and they pay you back.

I'm not quite sure what happens if you bet away your whole 10 cents but I imagine them 10 cents being the absolute least your account will ever have. One you reach 20 bucks (might take awhile) you can cash out, if you decide not to cash out you can make 25 dollars and i THINK they force you to cash out and start you back off at 10 cents.

So referrals is important.

You can use that money to bet on real games (ncaa, nfl, nhl) but i don't think they have nba so that sort of sucks for those basketball fans.

In the end you pretty much play like you would on a regular paying betting site without actually putting money into your account.

The best part about this site that i've seen so far is the layout. It's very clean and simple and allows you to track almost everything. This site also allows you to refer friends and family (or strangers) to the site and a portion of their winnings go to you (i think 15%) but I'm not completely sure about the details on that one, I believe you have make a certain amount of bets before it kicks in. Either way it's a good way to make some spare cash at the end of each month.

I've put in my bets already and hope to make some quick cash.

I hope some of you decide to hope on this gravy train because I'm hoping to get some tips and leads on which teams to bet for in the future

Good Luck to those who join.
Don't be a douche, use my link please


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  1. Sounds interesting, will check it out

  2. I've been doing cent sports for over 2 years now. Its alot of fun but really tough. The most ive ever got was $24 but i blew it and now im back down to zero

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  4. Hey Evan,

    May be you can hook me up with some insight on how the site works. I spent some time reading it over but it'd be nice to get some real information.

    Have you ever cashed anything out? and do they make money (so we can bet for free?)

  5. I got burnt badly back in college over sports betting. Never again :(

  6. @Chris

    I know what you mean haha I use to bet on pinnacle and I won and lost a fair amount there.

    The good thing about this is it's free.
    The bad this is that it seems like it'll take forever to make any sort of cash.

    Oh well, either way, it's free and it makes the game that much more exciting (even though I only have 10 cents on a game right now haha)

  7. Never got into betting, I fear it would become addictive!

  8. @Leon

    It can definitely get addictive, especially when you start making some money. The good thing about this site is that they won't allow you to put money into the account and just take money out.

    Although this could lead to you betting on other sites. Just keep yourself in check often and you'll be golden.

  9. I hate betting :(
    Followed and clicked!

  10. I also feel very little attraction to gambling, but will follow you to try and find some gold.

  11. ehh im not a fan of betting...

    but great blog! i'll be sure to check back often :3

  12. xchodax,

    Once you get over $20 you can cash out. I have had that much but I was greedy and lost it all. It's totally legit also. They make all their money through advertising (they have ads everywhere).

    Pro TIp: Go all in on every bet until you have at least 3-5 dollars. Its alot easy to make money when you have money and if you go broke its no big deal. Also when it offers you to watch ads for a bonus do it. You can make up to double the profit just by looking at ads (you dont have to click them) and it helps you get money in the beginning.

    Hope that helped.

  13. Also i've had 2 friends that I personnally know get over $100. They both lost it all being dumb.