Monday, January 31, 2011

how many of you wanna chill at this guys place?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

WTF part 1

No need for words

and another

give away coming soon... once i hit 100 followers so get your friends to join but rmb...

hide yo wife
hide yo kids

and hide yo husband

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'll never tell xoxo (no homo)

Haha so I'm hoping most of you don't know the title is a reference to a gossip girl or another teen drama show. But don't fret, this post doesn't have anything to do with shirley sleeping with joe or jenny secretly cutting up lisa's prom dress.

Today I bring you

I'm going to school you about the words "Cave Canem" before I actually get into what the website does but you can obviously just quick scroll pass this part if you already know the meaning and can't be bothered with words you already know.

So the word Cave Canem actually ties in with the site quite well and this is just what I think so if I'm completely off and unless someone who happens to manage that site comes and tell me otherwise then I'm going to keep talking out of my ass.

Back on topic, the definition from a quick google search and according to MW means "Beware of the Dog." So keep that in mind

So the site basically allows readers to enter the site and anonymously tell secrets (if they want) to the world. Obviously it'll be out in the public but you don't leave my information behind so you can't get back-traced by the cyber police and dun goof'd.

I actually really like the name of the website because it's a site where you can (i assume) safely post your secrets you want to tell someone but don't have anyone to tell. No one can comment or hate you because of you post because they have no way of tracking you down.

The only bad part about this site is that it begins to get pretty repetitive, but I guess that's expected. Most people want to hide their sexuality, drug problems, infidelity issues. Not too many people would go on that site and say something like "I'm from cleveland and I secretly hate the miami heat." (inb4 someone actually says that)

Anyway I hope you guys check it out. It's a good way to kill a couple hours when you're at work or suppose to be studying. And keep you eyes open, I'm sure a few miscers are going to raid that site lol.

Link to Website:

Anyway, too those people who actually read my blog. I'm going to have a give away next week (nothing too big cuz im poor as fuuu - lol not very excited anymore eh?). So keep a lookout for that one.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Music to my Ears

I realized that I didn't throw up any entries about music which is definitely insane. Music plays such a huge part in our lives that I MUST make it apart of my blog. The following two songs are by a former UFC fighter Genki Sudo.

This guy is definitely one of a million. He's a pretty sick dancer, composer, UFC fighter, K-1 Fighter, author and scholar.

Read up on him here => Wikipedia Article


His songs are a bit out there and definitely takes a few listens to enjoy. But here they are. Let me know what you guys think! (if anyone wants the mp3 leave a message and i'll find it)

OH another I want to add one more thing. This guy writes his own music and choreographs his own dances. Check out the dance moves. VERY VERY SICK

And here's a one of this fight videos (I randomly chose one, you should check out his entrances they're sick!)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where to Eat? 3

So a good friend of mine HMC told me about this place in north york and I definitely had to try it out.

I pulled up my baggiest sweat pants and my XXXXL tee and drove over to the Dragon Pearl.

Oh but before we get to the restaurant I gotta show you guys some pictures of an accident that happened pretty much in front of us.

Ouch! I hope the people involved in that accident are okay. But look at that Audi, looks like it's still in perfect shape. I guess that's what you get when you drop 40-50k on one of those babies.

Anyway, back to the Dragon Pearl.

This place definitely spent a pretty penny on its decor. Everything was done so well from top to bottom it's insane.

So once you get in you're welcomed by crazy looking Chinese zodiac heads and geisha statues everywhere. The light was dimmed down and had a very mellow chinesey feel to it.

We were greeted almost instantly and I have to say, for a buffet. The service here is top notch, definitely one of the best if not THE best service I've ever been give. You're drinks were always refilled before you finished you drinks. Dishes taken away right when you finish, extra napkins and extra cutlery without even asking. It was almost like the waiters/bussers were reading your mind.

This was another great idea. They had the nose of a ship on display with seating and the floor was created in a way where it gave the illusion of water. So the whole time you were eating you felt that "I'm at sea" kind of feeling without all the motion sickness.

They had super high seats for people who requested the overall atmosphere was just awesome.

I didn't get much of a chance to take a picture of the food but take my word for it. The food was excellent it was definitely done a lot better than other buffets. Actually it was done a lot better than most restaurants (including the higher end restaurants).

and with that.. i leave you with MARCH mellows

Address & Contact Information

865 Yorkmills Rd, unit 2,
Toronto Ont.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Movie Night

Don't hold me accountable if this movie sucks balls but I've heard good things about it although it only got a 6.3 on IMDb.

I haven't watched the movie yet but I hope to watch it tonight. I hope everyone who's reading this gives the movie a chance so we can talk about it after.

So here it is ....

The Skinny
In the 19th century, a warrior named Yang (Jang Dong-gun) is ordered to kill the last member of an enemy clan--a baby. He refuses the mission and flees with the child to a dilapidated town in the American West. Despite his attempts, his enemies close in on him and he must fight to protect the child and his newfound comrades: Ron (Geoffrey Rush), the town drunk, and Lynne (Kate Bosworth), both of whom have a tragic past.


Download Links

Alternate Links - Interchangeable

Disclaimer -
The following links found above are not hosted or uploaded by any persons who operate/own this blog nor is any persons related to this blog affiliated with the content in any way. All above content is hosted by third party storage websites and can be found on other forums. In the case of possible copyright infringement please contact the responsible parties.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


So I guess my last post didn't quite get the reaction I was hoping for. So I'm going to do one better with this post but you guys have to act quick on it.


So these are free to those in the US but Canadian brahs don't worry, there's a way you can get these magazines too! Just keep reading!


Change Address

The first magazine is for all you speed racers. Super Street focuses on speeds racing, drifting and all that intial d styled goodness. Just sign up using your regular address and leave out or make up the parts you can't legitimately answer haha.

Super Magazine Post

You're definitely going to want to get in on this one. This second link I won't add a picture to because it should be good enough without any pictures for attraction. This second link gives you the choice between a few very epic magazines.

The second link gives you a choice between the following:

- MAXIM ===> MAXIM!!!!!


So pretty bummed that it seems like these offers seem to be only offered to our brah's in the south? DON"T WORRY FOLLOW THESE STEPS TO GET IT INTO CANADA!

step 1 - choose magazine(s) you want
step 2 - sign up using an american address and REMEMBER THE ADDRESS (I use a doctors office or a hair salon, why? Because these places never update their magazine collections so when they get new issues the patients in the waiting room are happier they don't have to read a 1999 issue of forbes)
step 3 - wait 2-3 weeks
step 4 - go to the magazines customer service page and request "change address" using your you american address to log in
step 5 - once logged in change your american address to your canadian address
step 6 - you miss out on 1 or 2 issues but why complain? it's free

(wait times are YMMV and can take as soon as 1 week (so you can log into ur account) up to 4 weeks)

Good Luck and I'll continue to post freebies when they come so please keep checking back for updates and click a few ads to help me out =).


I'm hoping this one helps out a couple of people who want to make sports a bit more exciting to watch.

So I was originally going to pull off a douche move and only give the direct link to those who "helped" out my blog but I figure that was too much work and definitely a homosects move. So instead I'm going to go full out and tell you what I know about the site and hopefully some of you will use me as a referral.


To be honest, I'm pretty new to the site (signed up last night) and don't know too much about it.

But the gist of it is. You sign up and they give you a crazy small amount i think it's 10 cents. Whatever it's free.

You go around betting and stuff and ads pop up which kind of sucks but hey if you're making free money it's worth it. The ad money they make they give back to you so your able to bet again very much like how you click things on my blog (hint hint) and you pay them and they pay you back.

I'm not quite sure what happens if you bet away your whole 10 cents but I imagine them 10 cents being the absolute least your account will ever have. One you reach 20 bucks (might take awhile) you can cash out, if you decide not to cash out you can make 25 dollars and i THINK they force you to cash out and start you back off at 10 cents.

So referrals is important.

You can use that money to bet on real games (ncaa, nfl, nhl) but i don't think they have nba so that sort of sucks for those basketball fans.

In the end you pretty much play like you would on a regular paying betting site without actually putting money into your account.

The best part about this site that i've seen so far is the layout. It's very clean and simple and allows you to track almost everything. This site also allows you to refer friends and family (or strangers) to the site and a portion of their winnings go to you (i think 15%) but I'm not completely sure about the details on that one, I believe you have make a certain amount of bets before it kicks in. Either way it's a good way to make some spare cash at the end of each month.

I've put in my bets already and hope to make some quick cash.

I hope some of you decide to hope on this gravy train because I'm hoping to get some tips and leads on which teams to bet for in the future

Good Luck to those who join.
Don't be a douche, use my link please


More Information

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Where to Eat?

Memphis Style BBQ.

This place is definitely a place for uptown Torontonians need to check out, mainly because it's one of the few places that specialize in making pulled pork in the area.

The restaurant is set up like a sports bar and plays pretty snazzy jazz tunes. There's four or five 37 inch tv's set up tuned onto The Score, which is one of the major sport stations in Toronto.

The decor make's the place feel very jazzy mellow type feel which I'm assuming is the cool Memphis feel (never been so I'm speaking out of my ass).

Haha they only picture I took of the decor doesn't come close to giving the place justice. I was taken back with the 15c hot dog thing and it sparked quite the conversation but that's a story for another day.

The food was pretty good, coleslaw was on point and the beans were covered in a savory gravy tasting sauce. The pulled pork was pretty good but it definitely lacked when it came to the amount of sauce they put. The pork had a pretty good combo of fat and meat so it wasn't too dry for the most part.

Definitely not the best I've ever had but it's definitely worth a try if you live around the area. I give this place a solid 8/10.

Address and Contact Info
4916 Yonge St,
Toronto, ON M2N5N5, CA
(416) 225-4343

Where to Eat?

I'm going to throw down two places today because one of these places I ate at was actually a while back so I'm playing catch up.

First one is non other than Hero Burger. Definitely not the best place to get a burger but they do throw on some insane deals from time to time (They usually have a free hero burger combo about once or twice a year). Keep checking back and I'll make sure to through up some coupons in the future.

The owner was pretty nice and chill. He definitely didn't seem like he cared about about his job. He was talking on his bluetooth headset and dipping out for a smoke break. But he definitely did his job, cleaned up, very nice and made sure everything was okay and clean.

So this time my girlfriend and I went we got the regular Hero burger and the blue cheese burger.


To be honest, it was actually pretty well made. The bread was lightly toasted the same way the fish burger buns are toasted (or steamed) at mcds. The meat was nice and juicy so there wasn't a real need for a drink although it was nice to have one.

The only downside was the fries


They were stale, soggy and it was like they were just steamed to death. I had to bathe each fry with ketchup and salt.

Overall I'm going to give this place a 6/10 I would go again but definitely only if it wasn't a hassle to get to.

Address & Contact info
1480 Major Mackenzie Drive East,
Richmond Hill Canada, ON
(905) 770-9909

/strong bulk

Friday, January 21, 2011

Internet Tips & Tricks - Canadian Brahs

So I had quite a bit people sending me private messages asking about more information on the Swagbucks thing and also whether or not I had any other "search for pay" things that I used.

This is next one is for you canadian brah's.

I present to you, the Airmiles search toolbar which could be found and downloaded here:

It's pretty simple. It'll add it's own search toolbar to the bottom left side of your browser taking up it's on column. It'll log in everytime you use their search engine and give you 10 airmiles for every 50 searches up to 30 airmiles (300 searches) and it'll reset at the end of the month.

It'll also help you log into your airmiles account whenever you shop at a site that offers airmiles bonuses. So you can easily earn while you shop.

Now most of you might think it's a bit of work for only 30 airmiles but if you really think about it. You're just doing what you normally do and getting rewarded for it. If you were to go out and buy stuff you would need to spend (usually) 20 bucks for 1 airmile. So theoretically you're getting 600 dollars worth of airmiles if you make 300 searches in a month.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Internet Tips & Tricks

So since my last post was an utter fail (deleted since then). I've decided to come up with another way to help my fellow readers and friends.

Today I bring you.... SWAGBUCKS!

It's a pay for search site which rewards you for using their search engine (powered by yahoo). Now it isn't as awesome as it seems but i still feel that it's one of those things you should have if you browse the internet a lot.

How it works is, you search using that site or it's toolbar (google swagbucks toolbar) and it randomly awards you with swag dollars that look like this:

Once you've collected enough you can go to the swag store and purchase things (Amazon gift cards or if you want to save you can buy a ps3). It's pretty simple and easy to use.

The best part is that they usually have daily swag codes that you can enter into the main swagbucks page to give you extra bonus cash.

Hopefully more people jump on and use me as a referral =).

By using me as a referral we'll end up helping each other.

-get swag bucks
-earn "swag dollars"
-redeem awesome prizes
-use me as a referral for extra cash

Monday, January 17, 2011

Scarborough Town Centre

So it's definitely no secret that the economy was hit hard but to be completely honest. I haven't really noticed until today when I was walking around the Scarborough Town Centre.

Stores left and right are closing down like crazy and sales are in full swing. You would think most stores would be packed right? wrong! Most stores were completely empty or only had people window shopping.

Afterward, I drove over to the Michael's No Frills on Silverstar Blvd. to check out the 1 dollar deals. It was like I had walked into the 30's, everyone scouring and pulling for the last dollar deal. I guess everyone is stocking up for the cold months ahead.

I shoulda probably taken a few pictures to prove it but neh I'm heading back to those places tmr so may be i'll rmb to whip out my phone.

Sunday, January 16, 2011



This is going to be my new home where I update everyone with the personal adventures of a chappy chinese boy growing up in suburban toronto.

stay tuned folks!