Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'll never tell xoxo (no homo)

Haha so I'm hoping most of you don't know the title is a reference to a gossip girl or another teen drama show. But don't fret, this post doesn't have anything to do with shirley sleeping with joe or jenny secretly cutting up lisa's prom dress.

Today I bring you

I'm going to school you about the words "Cave Canem" before I actually get into what the website does but you can obviously just quick scroll pass this part if you already know the meaning and can't be bothered with words you already know.

So the word Cave Canem actually ties in with the site quite well and this is just what I think so if I'm completely off and unless someone who happens to manage that site comes and tell me otherwise then I'm going to keep talking out of my ass.

Back on topic, the definition from a quick google search and according to MW means "Beware of the Dog." So keep that in mind

So the site basically allows readers to enter the site and anonymously tell secrets (if they want) to the world. Obviously it'll be out in the public but you don't leave my information behind so you can't get back-traced by the cyber police and dun goof'd.

I actually really like the name of the website because it's a site where you can (i assume) safely post your secrets you want to tell someone but don't have anyone to tell. No one can comment or hate you because of you post because they have no way of tracking you down.

The only bad part about this site is that it begins to get pretty repetitive, but I guess that's expected. Most people want to hide their sexuality, drug problems, infidelity issues. Not too many people would go on that site and say something like "I'm from cleveland and I secretly hate the miami heat." (inb4 someone actually says that)

Anyway I hope you guys check it out. It's a good way to kill a couple hours when you're at work or suppose to be studying. And keep you eyes open, I'm sure a few miscers are going to raid that site lol.

Link to Website:

Anyway, too those people who actually read my blog. I'm going to have a give away next week (nothing too big cuz im poor as fuuu - lol not very excited anymore eh?). So keep a lookout for that one.


  1. nothing is anonymous on the internet...

  2. misc takeover! jk. but this is a nice way to vent, or just to express congested feelings.

    thanks for this. will keep it in mind.

  3. Sounds interesting, not really willing to try it but never judge a book by its cover. Following.

  4. Marrying the boyfriend is never a happy dream!

  5. Seems like trollers are gonna troll. Nice find though!

  6. I like your blog, I'll be following!